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No matter what your design considerations, there’s a type of Terrazzo appropriate for your project.  We collected information to help familiarize you with Terrazzo installations and DePaoli’s wide range of services.  Please use the links below to learn more.  If you have questions or require additional information please contact us at

Terrazzo Primer

New to Terrazzo?  Looking for the basics? This Terrazzo Primer is a great place to start to learn what Terrazzo is, the different types of Terrazzo, how it is made, and common terms.
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Pricing Factors

Looking to understand what impacts the price per square foot of Terrazzo?  This list provides an overview of some of the factors that will affect the cost of your Terrazzo floor.
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Technical Information

Detailed technical information, includes descriptions of each Terrazzo system and requirements and weights for each system.  The full NTMA technical specifications are also available using the link below.
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Green Terrazzo

Terrazzo is the original green flooring.  Many projects require knowledge of the LEED standards.  Use the link below to view a list of our completed LEED certified projects.
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Artistic & Creative

The possibilities for Terrazzo are endless.  We are happy to extend our artistic and creative services to help you realize your vision.
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Restore & Renovate

Does the existing Terrazzo in your business or home need some work?  Use this link for information on DIY and DePaoli led restorations and renovations.
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Contact Us

If you still have questions or if you would like to discuss Terrazzo options for your upcoming project, please contact our office.
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